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Dunlop History



The year 2012 began, like many others, with lots of enthusiasm, lots of activities, lots of groups choosing Dunlop as a place for meeting. The video monitors installed in late 2011 proved to be a real enhancement to Dunlop's worship experiences. With much of the worship service information on the video monitors, the format of the weekly Sunday Bulletin/Newsletter changed to an outline mode.

The first half of the year say many activities continue as they had in the past: Bridge luncheon, Pancake Lunch/Supper, Crock Pot Surprise Luncheon, Spring Luncheon, First Sunday in May Ham Supper, Day in May Flower sale, church picnic and activities planned by the Fellowship Committee.

The Fundraising in the spring for new pew/choir loft cushions was overwhelming! In just a few short weeks all monies required were received and the new cushions (red) were installed in May.

A Joint Needs Assessment Committee was formed to investigate the need for additional clergy assistance (youth focus).

During the month of August, during Rev. Gary's holiday time, four persons from Dunlop volunteered to lead the worship services, one each of the four Sundays. This proved to be a popular way of covering pulpit supply for August.

After a quiet summer, activity wise, the fall rush began in September. On Sunday, Sept. 2, Rev. Gary announced his intention to retire, effective Dec. 31, 2012.



(Our 60th Anniversary Year)2011 started off with a busy January / February --Confirmation, Bridge Luncheon, Soup Luncheon, and lots of meetings and church usage bookings.

A very successful Pasta Supper/Silent Auction was held in February.

Plans were begun to renovate the church office with new paint, new flooring and new furniture.

The Membership Committee made plans for a new church photo directory and photography sessions began in February.

The washrooms in the east wing of the church were upgraded with new plumbing, sinks, and paint. A job well done.

The annual pancake luncheon / supper (March 8) was well attended

The Fellowship Committee continued its mandate to provide activities for the congregation: Jan: (Soup Luncheon), Feb. (Clue, You, and Chocolate Fondue night), and Mar. (Family Games Night).

The CE Committee and the Church School held a CROCK POT SURPRISE luncheon in March with proceeds going to World Vision and support for Dunlop's foster child in Haiti.

Support continued (through the efforts of the Mission/Outreach Committee for NeighbourLink, Thursday morning Open Door program, Christmas Hamper (for Yule Glow), weekly Food Bank collection, and Ryan's Well Foundation.

Support continued for the Legacy Fund pillars.

The church remained "open" for July and August with good attendance. For the third summer, the Optimist used the John Harvey Hall for their three-week program on Conductive Education for children with cerebral palsy.

By year's end two 70" video monitors were installed in the sanctuary, along with a smaller monitor for the choir. Power point presentations were begun to be used for Sunday worship: many of the responses and prayers were projected on the screens rather than printed in church bulletins.

Church council developed an "Accessibility Policy" as mandated by the ACCESSIBILITY FOR ONTARIANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT IN 2005.

The year ended with the usual Adventuring Toward Christmas program and the annual "Festival of Christmas Music" presented by the choir.

Finances remained in the "black" at year's end.



The year 2010 began as a year of great promise. Finances were in good shape and the pews were filling. An average weekly attendance of 150 was realized. The church was 'humming' with activity. Mid-week groups and mid-week meetings were at an all-time high. In addition to mid-week scouting and guiding groups, Dunlop provided space to: Financial Peace University classes, the Group Committee, the Scouting Camp Committee, AA, Alanon, Alateen, CN Pensioners, Sorority, TaI Chi, Bridge, Lambton Families Initiative, Royal Astronomy Society of Canada, Trefoil Guiders, Pampered Chef, Royal Conservatory Music, Piano Recitals, a Knitters' group, Friday afternoon cards, weekly Open Door, and others.

In January the annual Soup Luncheon was a great success. A Legacy Committee was formed by the Trustees. The February Pancake supper fed over 300 persons. The annual Youth Parade Sunday was held as was the annual congregational meeting. In March the church school held their annual Chili Luncheon in support of World Vision.

In April, the Pastoral Care Team held the annual Spring Luncheon.

In 2010, Dunlop was the recipient of a generous monetary donation from the Trustees of (the closed) Parker St. United Church.  In May, a congregational meeting approved air conditioning for the sanctuary; funds coming from the Parker St. gift.

Summer services were well attended and the air conditioning was enjoyed.

For the second summer, Dunlop hosted a three-week Conductive Education Program, sponsored by the local Optimist clubs, for children with cerebral palsy.

The fall season progressed with enthusiasm. A note of concern was expressed with the drop-off of numbers of church school students.

The congregation approved the formation of a Legacy Fund. The "pillars" of the Fund were designated as: Outreach, Leadership, Fellowship, Property, Youth, and Music. The first donations to the pillars were received in December.

The fall bazaar was a tremendous success.

The Christmas season was ushered in with the annual ADVENTuring TOward CHRISTmas program.  The choir's Evening of Christmas music "Christmas Is ....." was well received.

The year ended on a very positive financial note.



The year started on a positive note (financially) due to the "Secret Santa" event at the end of 2007. With a depleted Contingency Fund a 'Coffee Cup' challenge was initiated to boost the Contingency Fund. The year ended with $8,103.95 in the Fund.

Many of the customary 'annual' events took place: Soup Luncheon, Dunlop has a Heart, Chili Luncheon,  Rummage Sales, Strawberry Social, a very successful Vacation Bible School (Power Lab), 'Day in May' Flower Sale, 'Clue You and Chocolate Fondu' night, CSI Dunlop night,Christmas Bazaar,  Adventuring to Christmas. New in 2008 was a Square Dance night and a very successful Pasta Supper and Silent Auction night.

The Mission / Outreach Committee continued its support of the Christmas Hamper Program and delivered 31 hampers.

Due to the closure of the Sarnia Scout Centre, the 42nd group that met there, merged with the Dunlop Scout group to form a much larger unit.

The Senior Choir continued to enhance worship services with their Ministry of Music. An Easter cantata as well as a Christmas cantata, "Will There Be Room?" were presented in April and  December.

Dunlop member Sandra Shields shared her fascinating story of her climb of Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa.

Enhancements to the church gardens were made due to the tremendous volunteer efforts of a few people.

The Pastoral Care Team held a very successful "Spring Luncheon" in April. The Team, through the Bill Hick's Fund, was able to give bursaries to Dunlop family students at post secondary colleges and universities.

A very successful summer "joint" worship experience was held with Parker St. United Church. Services were held in Dunlop's John Harvey Hall with both Rev. Deanna Gibson and Rev. Gary Shuttleworth conducting the services.

Enhancements to the sound system were made using contributions from the In Memoriam Fund.



The new year began as the old year finished: Dunlop members full of optimism, energy, and enthusiasm. Early in the year there was an indication that Dunlop's "sister" church might be closing. There was also an indication that a number of the members might choose to come to Dunlop after Parker St.'s closing. Church Council started the thinking process of "Are we ready for an influx of new members?" In February there was a joint worship service on Good Friday,held at Parker St. U. C.The Christian Education Committee began planning for the annual Vacation Bible School: 2009 theme "Winter Olympics". [This VBS venture was held in August with a resounding success: over 100 in attendance each day.]The year was filled with numerous activities: Soup Luncheon, Chili Luncheon, Pancake Supper, Dunlop Has A Heart program, Generation Change workshops for teens, Sale of church pens, Church picnic, Spring Luncheon (hosted by Pastoral Care Team), Rummage Sale, a Legacy and Endowment Committee was formed, Games Night, Easter breakfast, Pasta Dinner and Silent Auction, You, Clue and Chocolate Fondue Night, Trivia Night, Christmas Bazaar, etc.In June, Parker St. United Church closed and approx. 75% of the Parker St. members chose Dunlop as their new church home. These were exciting days for Dunlop as new members were welcomed. A number of artifacts from Parker were also housed at Dunlop.In anticipation of more choir members, the choir loft was 'revamped' during the summer months. The loft was tiered and extra seating made available. Dunlop was proud to boast of a choir of 35 members!The year finished on a 'high' note: the treasurer's books were in the 'black'.



On Jan. 1/06 (Sunday) a joint worship service was held with Grace United Church at Grace.

Easter Sunday saw the return of the Easter Breakfast that had been so popular in earlier years.

Dunlop celebrated its 55th anniversary on April 30 with Rev. Gary as "guest" speaker.

In the late spring the Worship Committee began a project to replace the Good News pew bibles with a new RSV bible. Members were invited to donate 'In Memoriam' bibles. Also, the Pastoral Care committee accepted memorial donations to provide large print, words only, Voices United hymn books.In August, the Christian Education Committee held a very successful vacation Bible School.

In October the congregation approved the replacement/purchase of the church boilers at a cost of $55,000.00.

Dunlop was the recipient of approx. $20,000.00 resulting from the closure of Devine St. United Church.In November Dunlop received an overwhelming favourable report from the Presbytery Oversight Committee that had visited Dunlop in June.

The year finished with the usual flurry of activity: Adventuring to Christmas, Advent Worship, Annual "Festival of Music" by the choir, Christmas Eve worship, and a New Year's service (Dec. 31) with Grace Untied Church.

In 2006 we said 'farewell' to 14 members of our congregation. Their memories will linger long at Dunlop.



The new year rolled in quietly and the life and work of Dunlop continued to thrive under the leadership of Rev. Gary. The usual chain of events happened: Pancake Dinner/Supper, Strawberry Social, Sunday School picnic 'on the lawn', Neighbourhood BBQ in July, Pork BBQ in September, Fall Fair in October and the semi annual Rummage sales in March and October. In July and August worship services were held in John Harvey Hall (our original church building). 2007 did not spare us from losing more of members due to death, many of them  longtime members. In November the family of the late (charter member) Eva Trott (July 2007) donated a hand-crafted grandfather clock in Eva's memory. This magnificent clock was mounted on the east wall of the Annex. The "financial picture" at Dunlop during 2007 caused some minor 'alarm' but the Finance Committee remained optimistic that all would "work out".  A new roof was installed on the church hall in the summer and a small group of volunteers painted all the trim on the outside of the buildings.By a vote of the congregation, the monies that Dunlop had received from the closing of Devine St. United Church (Sarnia) were designated for Outreach and Dunlop's Contingency Fund.

In December a "Secret Santa" contacted Dunlop and informed that he/she was aware of Dunlop's financial concerns and that he/she would match any contributions to Dunlop, over and above regular givings, up to $15,000.00; thus if Dunlop would contribute $15,000, Secret Santa would contribute $15,000. This challenge was well received. The Dunlop family responded admirably. Dunlop members contributed just over $30,000.00. That, along with Secret Santa's gift of $15,000.00 resulted in a $45,000.00 boost to Dunlop's general bank account. What a great way to end the year!!!



In June of 2004, the report of the JNAC Committee was accepted and approved by Presbytery. A Search Committee was formed with Bob Eyre acting as chair. The congregation accepted a recommendation from the Worship Committee to hire the Rev. Marjorie Smith as interim minister at Dunlop beginning in September.

In September, Rev. Marjorie Smith began her appointment as interim minister, on a half-time basis.

Rev. Smith was well received at Dunlop with her warm personality and she did much to provide a 'healing' atmosphere at Dunlop.



The first service was held on Sunday, March 18 1951. On April 19th at a special meeting at Perry School a motion was passed to form Dunlop United Church. Presbytery approval was received and on Sunday, May 27, 45 charter members formed the new church [click here to find the names of the 45 charter members]. The next day a congregational meeting elected the Elders, Stewards, and Trustees. In the spring of 1951, the Rev. Frank Dunlop resigned as minister of the 3 point charge. On July 1st, Rev. Harry Turner became the  minister of the 3 point charge.

1948 - 1949


In 1948, people began moving into the area of Sarnia Township from Colborne Rd. east to Briarfield Ave. and from Guthrie Drive north to Pineview Ave.  In September 1949 Perry School opened. From Parker St. United Church a committee consisting of John Harvey, Ab Scott, Bill Cleave, and Joe Stephenson canvassed the area to determine the interest in starting an extension of the Parker St. United Church Sunday School.

1951 - 1952


In June 1951, 41 ladies formed the Women's Auxiliary. In October a sod turning ceremony was held for the construction of a new church at 750 Hall Street [the current church hall]. Passmore Construction erected the building during the winter and members of the congregation completed the interior. Total cost: $18,000.00. The first public service in the newly constructed Dunlop church, with Communion and reception of members has held on Good Friday, April 18, 1952. The dedication service was held at 2:30 p.m. on April 19 - exactly one year after the forming of the church.



The first Sunday School met in Perry School in the fall of 1949, and soon there was an enrollment of 153 children and 9 teachers. The Home Mission Board sent Rev. Frank Dunlop to care for the needs of the "Sarnia Suburban Pastoral Charge" which consisted of St. Luke's United Church, Bluewater Congregation meeting at Perry School.



In February of 2005 the Search Committee reported to the congregation and the recommendation of the Committee that "Dunlop United Church extend a call to the Rev. Gary Shuttleworth from St. Paul's United Church in Tillsonburg to be Dunlop's full-time minister effective May 01, 2005" was approved.

On April 24, Dunlop celebrated its 54th Anniversary and bid farewell to the Rev. Marjorie Smith. A luncheon followed the service along with a presentation to Marjorie.

On Sunday, May 1 Dunlop welcomed the Rev. Gary T. Shuttleworth and his family( wife Christine, daughter Vanessa, and sons Aaron and Tyler) to Dunlop.

During the fall of 2005 and into 2006 the life and work of Dunlop flourished under the leadership of Rev. Gary.

2003 - 2004


During the remainder of 2003 and into 2004 The Joint Needs Assessment Committee worked at creating a profile for the needs of Dunlop. Sunday worship services were conducted by a variety of speakers.



On February 9, 2003, Dunlop said farewell to Rev. Dr. Bob Gibson with a service of recognition and a presentation. After Dr. Bob's leaving, the congregation voted to become involved in an "Accompaniment" process headed by Pat Milliken, London Conference staff person.

The Sundays following Feb. 9 were led by a variety of worship leaders (Bill Strachan, Bill Reid, Susan Woodhouse, Rev. Christine Jerrett, Rev. Glen Smith, Rev. Dr. Bob Giuliano, Jessie Dobyn) On Sunday, May 18, a special service of recognition was held for Deanna Gibson, Dunlop's candidate for the ordained ministry.  On May 25, 2003, Deanna Gibson was ordained as a United Church Minister at the annual meeting of London Conference held in Sault Ste. Marie. In the late spring of 2003, Pat Milliken, London Conference Staff Officer, carried out an Accompaniament Process with a report to the congregation on June 8, 2003.



Early in the year, a Needs Assessment team was appointed by Presbytery to determine the need for additional staff at Dunlop. Later in the year the Needs Assessment Committee recommended that an addition staff person be appointed for 20hrs. per week. At the congregational meeting to vote on the report, the recommendation was approved but no action was to be taken for up to one year's time. During 2002 the Church Council dealt with the issue of minister/congregation relations. In November, Rev. Dr. Bob Gibson announced that he had accepted a call to be minister at St. Paul's United Church, Petrolia, effective, Feb. 15, 2003.



The year 2001 was a year of celebration as Dunlop recognized "FIFTY YEARS OF FAITH AND FELLOWSHIP".  A year-long schedule of events were planned; including luncheons, picnics, dinners, a boat cruise, a bus trip, a pork roast, a hymnathon, a car rally. Former minister Rev. Bob Ripley was a guest speaker during the year as were former/present candidates for the ministry: Stan Stanhope, Glenn Smith, Deanna Gibson, Lynn (Armstrong) Godfrey, Marg Scott. During the year, Dunlop welcomed GERRY KERR for an eight-month ministry internship. In the fall of 2001, Jim McArthur announced that he would be retiring as Director of Music at Dunlop after 31 years "on the job". A special service of recognition, along with a presentation, was made to Jim in December.

At the beginning of January, Carol Ritchie, assumed the dutes as Director of Music. She had previously held the similar position at London Road West United Church for 33 years.



DEANNA GIBSON, [daughter of Bob and Carrol], was accepted as a candidate for the ordained ministry from Dunlop.



Church Council accepted the resignation of Bonnie Chaytor. At Easter, that year, the Dunlop choirs presented the musical cantata "In His Hands".



Marg Whyte retired as Dunlop Church secretary after 37 years  on the job. The Church Photo Directory in 1995 was dedicated to Marg.



In January of 1994, Rev. Bob Ripley announced that he had accepted a position as Senior Minister at Metropolitan United Church in London. A congregational farewell event was held in June for the Ripleys.

In July of 1994, Rev. Bob Gibson [and Louise and Duane] arrived in Sarnia from Sault Ste. Marie.



At the Annual Meeting in 1993, approval was given for the formation of  a Building Committee to investigate plans to join the two church buildings. Later in the year, plans were approved to construct an "Annex" or shell to joind the buildings. Maaten construction finished the job in the late fall and a dedication service was held in November

Also in 1993, the organizational structure of Dunlop changed from that of the Session, Stewards, Official Board model to that of a CHURCH COUNCIL model.A decision was also made to have two Sunday services, 9:30 a.m. and 10:00 a.m.

1990 - 1992


A fund for a new organ was begun in 1990 and a committee was formed to research this. Our present Allen organ was dedicated [and paid for] in 1992.During this two year period, morning worship services changed to a single service at 10:00 a.m. The church manse was sold.In 1991, Dunlop celebrated its 40th Anniversary. Highlights of the year included an Anniversary Banquet and Program, held at the Sarnia Christian School.



In May, Lynn Armstrong was ordained by London Conference.



Rev. Peter Lemmer announced, in Jan. 1987, that he would be leaving Dunlop in June to accept a position in London. A farewell luncheon and presentation was held in June. In July, Rev. Bob Ripley (and Nancy, Jennifer, Karen, and David) arrived at the manse at Dunlop to begin their ministry.



The parking lots were paved as a result of the PTL Fund [Pave The Lot Fund] . In the summer of that year, LYNN ARMSTRONG was accepted as a candidate for the ordained ministry from Dunlop.



Bonnie Chaytor was hired as Staff Associate at Dunlop and a Church Photo Directory was completed.



Glenn Smith was ordained by London Conference.



The congregation held a special service of recognition for Rev. Lloyd Stapleton in celebration of his 40 years of ordained ministry. In June of that year, a congregational retirement party was held [at Parker St. United Church] for the Stapleton family.In July of 1982, Rev. Peter Lemmer became minister of Dunlop United Church. Peter, Rose, Luane, and Nicola came to Sarnia from northern Alberta.  During this year, two morning services were started.



A Church Photo Directory was produced to help Dunlop celebrate its 30th Anniversary.



In June 1951, 41 ladies formed the Women's Auxiliary. In October a sod turning ceremony was held for the construction of a new church at 750 Hall Street [the current church hall]. Passmore Construction erected the building during the winter and members of the congregation completed the interior. Total cost: $18,000.00. The first public service in the newly constructed Dunlop church, with Communion and reception of members has held on Good Friday, April 18, 1952. The dedication service was held at 2:30 p.m. on April 19 - exactly one year after the forming of the church.



Dunlop's MARGARET SCOTT BEGAN studies in diaconal ministry.In 1977, Margaret Scott was commissioned as a Diaconal Minister by London Conference.



As part of the 50th Anniversary celebrations of the United Church of Canada, Dunlop's GLENN SMITH was selected to represent Lambton Presbytery in the International Youth Exchange. Glenn went to Kenya in August of 1975.



In September, 1974, following extensive renovations, the former church building [our present hall] was rededicated.



In May, 1973, Dunlop's candidate for the ministry, STAN STANHOPE, was ordained by London Conference.



Sept. 24, 1972, Dunlop held a special service the mark the "burning of the mortgage" on the new church building. It had only taken 12 years to pay off.



In January, 1971, Jim McArthur became Organist and Choir Director at Dunlop.



In 1969, Rev. Legge resigned and the Rev. Lloyd Stapleton accepted a call to Dunlop in June.



In 1967 an organ fund was started and a Hammond Electric was dedicated on Sept. 29, 1968.



In 1966, Stan Stanhope became a candidate for the ordained ministry.A manse was built at 739 Rosedale Ave.,  adjacent to the Church and in November (1966) was dedicated.



The new church building was dedicated on Feb. 7, 1960During 1960, the Session approved the special "In-As-Much Offering"  to be taken at Communion Services and used to help people in emergencies. [This special offering still exists and is administered by the Pastoral Care Committee.]



Illness brought Rev. Blackmore's resignation in June 1959 and Rev. W. R. Tristam supplied until Rev. Gordon  Legge arrived in November.In 1957 a campaign for funds to build a new sanctuary had begun and in November 1959 the corner stone for our present church at 757 Rosedale (just north of the first church) was laid.



In 1958, Margaret Whyte became secretary of Dunlop Church.



Due to illness, Rev. Woods resigned in Jan. 1957. Rev. Wm Carson was supply minister until Rev. Dalton Blackmore arrived on July 1st.  During 1957 a campaign for funds to build a new sanctuary began.



In 1955 a house at 849 Rosedale Ave. was purchased for a manse and on July 1st that year, Dunlop became a one point charge.



In November 1954, an annex built by Maaten Construction was added to the north side of the church.



The steady growth of the congregation continued and records show that Rev. Turner had pastoral oversight for 180 families. In June 1953 the Rev. Norval Woods became minister of the charge of St. Luke's and Dunlop.